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Vehicles soon to “talk” to roads

Cars communicating with roads are just around the corner. Novel technology will soon offer congestion relief on roads and highways. A new intelligent transportation system will allow vehicles to wirelessly communicate with each other as well as with the roads … Continue reading

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Hovering cars- will we need roads in the future?

Toyota, one of the largest automakers, seems not to be content with just building conventional cars, hybrids or even testing self-driving cars. They are moving ahead by developing vehicles that are capable of hovering above the road, company officials revealed … Continue reading

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World’s highest railway tunnel already operational

At an altitude of 3,607 meters, the 16, 3 km long railway tunnel in Northwest China is the highest in the world and after completely linked up, it became operational on May 1. The line that runs through the Qilian … Continue reading

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The US roads turned into an energy farm?

Around 8 years ago, Julie and Scott Brusaw from Idaho started throwing around the concept to replace the asphalt on current parking lots, driveways, streets and eventually highways throughout the US with solar panels that generate electricity and were tough … Continue reading

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