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A California Lawmaker Proposes Lanes with no Speed Limit on Two of the State’s Busiest Highways

“Put the pedal to the metal” or the American version of Germany’s autobahn. A California lawmaker has proposed a bill to construct speed limit-free lanes on I- 5 and Highway 99 in the state as a way to reduce pollution. … Continue reading

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Jaguar Land Rover Future Vehicles Can Help Stop the Spread of Colds and the Flu

Jaguar Land Rover invests in tech and its next vehicles will have an innovating technology to fight diseases. Britain’s biggest carmaker has said Wednesday that “the car of the future” could help win the battle against cold and the flu.

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The Future of Travel: The Robotic Hotel Room on Wheels

Self-driving suite will ferry guests from place to place. Drones will deliver room service through the sunroof. Toronto-based Aprilli Design Studio has designed a hotel suite housed within a self-driving vehicle. The battery-powered hotel-room-on-wheels is equipped with the basic sleeping, … Continue reading

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Jaguar Land Rover is Developing Tech to Combat Motion Sickness

Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has made a breakthrough in the battle to curb motion sickness. Drivers are less likely to suffer from motion sickness, but passengers are susceptible to it, so the move towards driverless cars has revved up … Continue reading

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BMW to Recall 1.6 Million Vehicles Worldwide over Fire Risk

Automaker BMW is recalling about 1.6 million diesel vehicles worldwide to fix a potential fire hazard in their engines. BMW investigation found coolant could leak from the car’s exhaust recirculation module, part of the emissions reduction system and the defect … Continue reading

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1962 Ferrari is the Most Expensive Car in the World

A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is officially the most expensive car in the world after it was auctioned off for a record-breaking US$48.4 million. The 250 GTO race car took the title of the world’s most expensive car sold at … Continue reading

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Tokyo to Install Eco-Friendly Solar Roads for 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo metropolitan government is planning to build “solar roads” that collect energy from the sun via solar panels installed beneath the surface of the roads. The effort aims at promoting the Japanese capital as an eco-friendly city ahead of … Continue reading

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GXV-T: а Radical New Self-Driving Troop Carrier Revealed by US Army

Advanced radical technology for combat vehicles has recently been demonstrated for the US DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies program. A series of demonstrations, such as the last one at Aberdeen Test Center held in May, has given potential military service transition … Continue reading

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Tesla Says Autopilot Feature Not Engaged in Brussels Car Crash

Tesla denied Autopilot is to blame for the crash in Brussels. The driver was in control without using Autopilot when the accident took place.  A Model S crashed into parked cars in the Brussels borough of Saint-Gilles on Tuesday and … Continue reading

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Waymo Releases Video from Autonomous Car Just Before Crash

Waymo has released a video of the moments before the crash. Another self-driving car has been involved in a crash and it is the second incident in less than two months. The accident happened in Chandler at Chandler Boulevard and … Continue reading

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