The Future of Travel: The Robotic Hotel Room on Wheels

Self-driving suite will ferry guests from place to place. Drones will deliver room service through the sunroof.
Toronto-based Aprilli Design Studio has designed a hotel suite housed within a self-driving vehicle.

The battery-powered hotel-room-on-wheels is equipped with the basic sleeping, working, and washroom facilities that ‘allow the guests to use their travel time more efficiently and productively’.

Renderings reveal how the robotic hotel includes panoramic windows, a double bed, a desk area, a shower room and a retractable roof where room service can be dropped off via drones. The vehicle’s designers note that travellers would simply specify the route they wanted to take via an app. To ensure travellers are comfortable, there will be an integrated temperature control system, which will respond to climates automatically.

Guests could program stops along the way, or just journey straight through to their final destination. So that guests wouldn’t miss out on the usual perks of staying in a hotel, the company plans to install dozens of hotel facilities across road networks. These stop-off points will house public amenities such as food and beverage, meeting room, spa, pool, and gym along with housekeeping, maintenance, and charging services for the travel suites.

When the vehicles run on batteries, Aprilli intends to build charging points conveniently positioned along roadways so that there will be no delays or breakdowns.Aprilli notes the main benefits of its Autonomous Travel Suite is that it will save money and time.

According to Mail Online.

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