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Man Crashes $845K Porsche in Parking Lot

A bare chested guy decided to show off the horsepower of his 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder. However, he should have made sure he was out of the parking lot first. The scene happened on the Epi Plage in the French … Continue reading

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The Spa Hotel that Lets You Kill the Internet

People keep seeking peace and mindfulness in our connected world. A luxury spa hotel in Germany has come up with a bright idea to help its guests to relax by offering them an easy way to completely disconnect during their … Continue reading

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Top 5 luxury SUVs of the year

“Driving a really good luxury SUV is all about having the nicest ‘useful box’ that money can buy,” says Richard Homan of Kelley Blue Book, which recently named 2013’s Best Luxury SUVs. A ride in a luxury car gives experience … Continue reading

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Power plus luxury – Porsche Panamera Executive

Everyone has dreamed of a super-powerful sports car. But reaching the point when you can actually afford one, you often find yourself in the backseat and realize that comfort is what you really need. With the Executive version of Porsche … Continue reading

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New details on Tesla’s upcoming Model X revealed in London

Tesla’s presence on stock market and auto market has been extraordinary this year. Last two months, though, the company lost some of its reputation due to the third quarter disappointing results. For the past few years the Model S has … Continue reading

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Third Tesla Model S on fire in five weeks

After the incidents in Seattle and Mexico, a third Model S has caught fire under similar conditions. The fire is said to have started as a result of an accident and was not a spontaneous event. The driver struck a … Continue reading

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