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Cop Pulls Over Google Car: Finds no Driver to Ticket

Google’s driverless car has been pulled over by police for driving too slow in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. The vehicle was stopped for doing 24mph in a 35mph zone. Google self-driving cars have driven 1.3 million miles and haven’t managed … Continue reading

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SkyDeck: The New First-Class Air Travel

Windspeed, a US aerospace company has recently introduced a potential airplane feature, SkyDeck, bubble-shaped viewing platform for the top of commercial aircraft that offers 360-degree views from the sky. Windspeed Technologies, a private aerospace engineering services company has filed for … Continue reading

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Hoverboards Banned by Major US Airlines

Hoverboards may be gaining popularity as a Christmas gift this year, but they’re falling out of favor with the major US airlines. If you’re getting one of those electric self-balancing scooters, known as hoverboards, for the holidays this year, don’t count … Continue reading

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LiFi Internet, 100 Times Faster Than WiFi, Coming Onboard Planes

Airlines may soon use a new method of delivering data: lightbulbs that can deliver internet speeds 100 times faster than traditional wi-fi. The new  wireless technology Li-Fi is similar to Wi-Fi. It allows data to be sent at high speeds … Continue reading

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