Tesla Unveils Faster Third Generation Supercharger

Tesla launched faster third generation Supercharger

Tesla presented its third generation Supercharger charging stations during a customer event at its headquarters in Fremont, California on March 6. The new “V3” Supercharger will be capable of charging the Model 3 at a speed of 250kW, and Tesla claims it is fast enough to add 75 miles of range in only 5 minutes. The company says it will break the ground on several V3 Superchargers in April.

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Tesla to Unwrap Model Y on March 14

Elon Musk is ready to finally unveil its next vehicle, the Model Y.

Tesla will unveil the upcoming Model Y on March 14, CEO Elon Musk announced in a series of tweets Sunday.

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New Images of Starship Super Heavy’s Raptor Engine Released on Twitter

CEO Elon Musk showed off more details on the new Raptor engine that SpaceX hopes will power their Starship Super Heavy rocket system to Mars.

Shortly after the first operationalized Raptor had been shipped to McGregor, Texas  for its first full-scale static fire tests, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk posted the first official photos of the “radically redesigned” engine preparing for its critical debut test fire in Texas.

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Mr. Steven, SpaceX’s Rocket Cone-Catching Ship is on its Way to Florida

SpaceX’s one-of-a-kind ship, Mr. Steven, has begun its 5,000-mile trek to Florida.

SpaceX unique marine vessel, dubbed Mr. Steven, is fitted with four long arms and a net designed to catch plummeting rocket nose cones. It made its debut in February, 2018 and called the Port of Los Angeles, California, home until last week. It currently has a new destination: Port Canaveral, where it will support Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches from nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.

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Elon Musk Says Classical Music Will Keep Teslas Safe

Tesla Sentry Mode will play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue during a robbery.

Tesla Sentry Mode will play classical music and fight off robbers like in ‘Rick and Morty’. Nothing keeps out thieves more effectively than a DMinor musical composition.

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Digital License Plates Are Now Allowed in Michigan

Michigan has just joined a short list of states by approving digital license plates.

The state’s legislature passed a law Thursday allowing the plates, which are high-tech alternative to their metal counterparts. They are digital screens mounted onto a frame that in many ways resemble the traditional car license plates. The plates are actually wireless LTE devices and come with wireless communications systems and computer chips that make it easier to update them with new registration tags.

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Tesla’s Model 3 to Be the Prime Target of Hacking Contest

Tesla is making its Model 3 the target of a hacking competition in Vancouver in an effort to improve its digital security.

Tesla’s Model 3 sedan will be the focus at Pwn2Own, one of the biggest events in competitive security research that invites hackers to legally test the integrity of widely used programs.

The event gathers hackers from all over the world. They can show off their skills, try to break and compromise an array of products and earn money by finding new vulnerabilities in widely used programs. This year, there will be a new target on the list: a Tesla Model 3. The car will also be awarded as a prize to the single winner in the automotive hack category.

Over the past 4 years, Tesla has been operating a bug bounty program that encourages hackers to expose vulnerabilities in exchange for payment, a practice that has since been adopted by General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. According to sources familiar with the effort, the company has given away hundreds of thousands in rewards to researchers who reported vulnerabilities in its systems.

Tesla has also been a popular target for hackers. Three years ago, hackers were able to take control of instrument cluster and information display in a Model S, although no automotive functions were affected.

According to TECH ADVISOR.

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The Sunshine State is the Deadliest State for Pedestrians, Study Says

Going for a walk? You might be risking your life by just taking a walk down a Florida street.

Nine of the 20 ranked as the deadliest U.S. cities for pedestrians are in Florida, with Orlando listed as least safe with Daytona Beach falling not far behind at number 2, and the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolis ranked 14th, according to the 2019 “Dangerous By Design” study from Smart Growth America and National Complete Streets Coalition. The study uses a measure called PDI, or “Pedestrian Danger Index,” to determine which cities are most hazardous for pedestrians in the United States.

In total, nine Florida regions were among 20 U.S. metro areas deemed the deadliest for pedestrians. The top six most dangerous areas for pedestrians are located in Florida, according to the study.

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Aston Martin Will Convert Classic Cars to Electric so They Don’t Get Banned from Cities

Aston Martin wants to take advantage of the growing interest in classic cars and as the government says they are too polluting, Aston will fit them with batteries.

The British automaker announced this week that it developed an electric conversion technology and is starting a “Heritage EV” program where owners of classic Aston Martins can have their cars converted to an all-electric powertrain.

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Inside Boeing’s Incredible £300 Million 777X Private Airliner Looks Like a Five-Star Luxury Hotel

The BBJ 777- a tycoon’s palace in the sky with five-star bedroom suites, gold furniture, cinema, and even own Turkish bath.
Boeing has released images of three design concepts that could be used inside its groundbreaking new 777X jets – unprecedented luxury on board that includes master suites, stylish interior design, and spacious living space.
The luxury private plane was shown at the Middle East Business Aviation Association Show in Dubai on Monday. Stunning pictures show inside the £300 million Boeing private airliner featuring plush bedrooms, futuristic style shower pods, and lavish dining rooms. Three interior design concepts were unveiled- from Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation, and Unique Aircraft Design. Continue reading

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