Infiniti Prototype 9 Retro-Style Race Car Unveiled at Pebble Beach

800px-Auto_Union_Sokol_Typ_650The Japanese car maker Infiniti revealed its electric sports car, Prototype 9, at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elégance at the weekend. The concept car takes inspiration from 1940s Grand Prix racers.
The concept car combines a retro style design with latest electric tech. It was hand-built by a small team of technicians at Nissan’s premium sub-brand as an ‘out-of-work hours’ project. The Prototype 9 features retro construction techniques, such as a steel ladder chassis and its body is made from handmade steel panels. Continue reading

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The Traffic is Awful? Just Take a Flying Taxi

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA new enterprise launched in April by European Airbus, Voom, opened the sky to those commuting every day and at a competitive price. Voom is a helicopter taxi service that charges according to distance and the traveler’s weight.

Sao Paulo, the biggest city in South America, home to more than 12 million, is regularly choked by huge traffic jams. Continue reading

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Judge Orders Review of Airline Seat Sizes

Jetstar_787_JQ35_in_flightPeople have become larger since seats are shrinking.

A court ordered the FAA to regulate seat sizes and legroom on commercial airlines.

Airplane seats have shrunk in the last decade and a court wants the Federal Aviation Administration to prove that they are still safe.

U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Millett described the issue in a decision she and two other judges gave the FAA six months to provide documentation to back up its argument that it shouldn’t regulate seat sizes and legroom on commercial airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration has 60 days to appeal the decision. “The case of the incredible shrinking airline seat,” as the federal judge in Washington D.C., Patricia Millet, wrote in the 23-page decision on Friday, began with an advocacy group called FlyersRights. Continue reading

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Elon Musk Claims to Have U.S. Approval for World’s Longest Tunnel

800px-HyperloopElon Musk says he has “verbal” government approval to build the world’s longest tunnel for an underground ultra-high-speed train line to transport passengers between New York and Washington DC in just 29 minutes.
The train is known as hyperloop and it would make the 220-mile connection in 29 minutes, Musk says in a post on Twitter. A spokesperson for his new digging enterprise, called Boring Company, declined to give further information on the project. Continue reading

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Rolls-Royce Unveils Its Most Technologically Advanced Car Ever: the Phantom VIII

800px-Peninsula_Hong_Kong_RR_PhantomThe new eighth iteration of the Rolls-Royce Phantom has been officially unveiled to the world at an exclusive media event with a red-carpet launch party in London.
Described by its makers as the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever, the new Phantom has been formally revealed at an exhibition in London’s top luxury neighborhood Mayfair while celebrating the last 92 years of the car.
Although at first glance, it might look like a subtle evolution of the previous-generation Phantom VII, the car is an all-new machine. The new 2018 Rolls-Royce is basically a luxury apartment on four wheels with coach doors larger than ever. Continue reading

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Driver Wrecks $288,000 Ferrari Just an Hour After he Bought it

800px-2009_red_Ferrari_430_Scuderia_sideA Ferrari driver in the UK has destroyed his supercar in an accident after owning it for just one hour.
The car is one of only 499 ever built. Police believe excess speed not a factor.
A man watched his newly-bought Ferrari 430 Scuderia burst into flame after flying off the motorway into the field. The incident happened just an hour after the supercar had been collected from the showroom.

Read more here.

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Britain to Ban Sale of All Diesel and Petrol Vehicles by 2040


Cars, taxis and trucks sit in traffic inSales of all new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be outlawed in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of efforts to tackle air pollution.

The U.K. environment secretary Michael Gove said on Wednesday that “there is no alternative to embracing new technology.”

More than 2.6 million new vehicles were registered in the U.K. for the last year, making it the second biggest market in Europe after Germany. Continue reading

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Tires of the Future That You Never Have to Pump Up

MICHELIN_X_Tweel_SSLMichelin has unveiled its 3D printed Vision Concept tires that unlike traditional air-pressurized tires, don’t need to be inflated.
Cars of the future could be equipped with the smart tires that can tell you when they need servicing. The unique design was unveiled by a French company the at the 2017 Movin’ On conference in Montreal a week ago.
The inner design of Michelin‘s concept tires is modeled on nature. The honeycomb-like structure that is similar to the air sacks in the human lung. The alveolar pattern features a rigid center which branches out to thousands of chambers. The airless design reduces the risk of a blowout or flats due to punctures.
Michelin‘s airless Vision concept tires are 3D printed from bio-sourced and recycled biodegradable organic materials, including straw, bamboo, paper, tin cans, sugar by-products, and orange peels. Continue reading

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Toyota Sells all Shares in Tesla as Their Partnership Ends

800px-Toyota_FT-86_II_(5488848006)The Japanese car giant Toyota has sold the last of its remaining Tesla shares due to a lack of new developments.

Toyota has ended its tie-up with Tesla and will start developing electric vehicles by itself. The electric car pioneer changes its position from ally to a potential competitor. The Japanese carmaker prepares to launch its own purely electric car and is planning to invest in a range of future technologies, from hydrogen fuel cells to self-driving vehicles. Though the sale was completed by the end of 2016, the company announced the fact publicly on Saturday. Continue reading

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Who the Flyboard Air is Intended for? US Soldiers?

Lexus_Hoverboard_mockup_at_IAA_Frankfurt_2015_IMG_9297The Flyboard Air, a hoverboard invention that is reportedly being considered for usage by combat soldiers was spotted flying over Lake Havasu, Arizona a few weeks ago.
In a footage of the flight that gained wide attention online, Franky Zapata, 37, a former professional jet ski driver was seen flying his super-fast device dozens of feet above the lake while onlookers were watching the amazing flight. Continue reading

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