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Aston Martin Will Convert Classic Cars to Electric so They Don’t Get Banned from Cities

Aston Martin wants to take advantage of the growing interest in classic cars and as the government says they are too polluting, Aston will fit them with batteries. The British automaker announced this week that it developed an electric conversion … Continue reading

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Inside Boeing’s Incredible £300 Million 777X Private Airliner Looks Like a Five-Star Luxury Hotel

The BBJ 777- a tycoon’s palace in the sky with five-star bedroom suites, gold furniture, cinema, and even own Turkish bath. Boeing has released images of three design concepts that could be used inside its groundbreaking new 777X jets – unprecedented … Continue reading

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Hard Br-Exit- Theresa May Gets Stuck in Car

Theresa May gets locked in her limo. UK’s May was briefly trapped in her car on Tuesday, in an unfortunate metaphor for Brexit. The back door of Theresa May’s car wouldn’t open, ahead of her meeting with Angela Merkel. The … Continue reading

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The Future of Travel: The Robotic Hotel Room on Wheels

Self-driving suite will ferry guests from place to place. Drones will deliver room service through the sunroof. Toronto-based Aprilli Design Studio has designed a hotel suite housed within a self-driving vehicle. The battery-powered hotel-room-on-wheels is equipped with the basic sleeping, … Continue reading

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Rolls-Royce Wins $5 Billion Order From Delta Air Lines

Rolls-Royce has won a major order from Delta Air Lines, the British luxury carmaker announced a few days ago. European aircraft maker Airbus confirmed a deal to supply 50 aircraft from Delta Air Lines, with Rolls Royce to bring engines … Continue reading

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