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California Finally Ready for Fully Self-driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles with no human behind the wheel and even a steering wheel may soon appear on California’s public roads as the state Department of Motor Vehicles released regulations to govern the testing and sale of self-driving cars. Reade more.

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Tesla Autopilot Crash Caught On Dashboard Camera

A Model S slammed into a highway barrier when its autopilot system malfunctioned and failed to spot the merging of traffic lanes. Several days ago, a Tesla Model S was being driven on autopilot down a highway near Dallas, Texas, … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Bus that Talks and Listens to Passengers is Now Ferrying People Around

Olli is a talking, electric and self-driving bus which has recently hit the streets of Washington, DC. It has been developed by Local Motors, an Arizona-based automobile technology firm. The electrically-powered Olli is made from 3D printed parts and can … Continue reading

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