Nvidia to Develop Facial Recognition Tech for Smart City Surveillance

Tech company Nvidia has partnered with AI developer Any Vision to bring a new type of surveillance technology to smart cities around the world. The news was announced last Thursday.

The two companies are working on bringing automatic facial recognition technology into closed-circuit television surveillance cameras.

According to Anyvision, the innovation enables cameras that can continuously scan for faces 24/7 and automatically identify and track individuals within a large crowd with 99% accuracy. Then the algorithms of the system work with the help of human monitors and can compare the faces identified with a database of known terrorists or criminals.

In addition, the technology can work indoors and outdoors. It can be used on mobile devices as well as computers, which could allow police to, for example, check suspects against databases while in the field. The system would also further analyze suspects and find connections and clues based on the social media feeds. It is also meant to be used on mobile devices, from smartphones to computers, which could allow police to check suspects against databases while in the field.

AnyVision claims this technology will help boost safety and security in cities as it can be used to save thousands of lives: not only to track criminals or terrorists but also to help find missing people.

However, there is some concern that when the technology is implemented, all the sensitive, biometric data would be like a gold mine for hackers. AnyVision claims that it will take all necessary precautions to protect the personal data that the CCTV cameras capture.

Source Mashable.

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