The Spa Hotel that Lets You Kill the Internet

120px-Crystal_Project_switchPeople keep seeking peace and mindfulness in our connected world. A luxury spa hotel in Germany has come up with a bright idea to help its guests to relax by offering them an easy way to completely disconnect during their stays by using a switch that “kills” the internet in the rooms.

A silver switch is installed within arm’s reach next to the beds in each room in the Villa Stephanie Resort in Baden-Baden. By flipping it, the guests can activate a copper grid in the walls that blocks all wireless signals, acting as a cage for each room.

Frank Marrenbach is the chief executive of the Oetker Collection and the owner of the Villa Stephanie and other high-end luxury hotels like Le Bristol in Paris, the Hotel Du Cap in Cap d’Antibes. Marrenbach has just opened a renovated Lanesborough in London.

The CEO of the luxury hotel company says that a special “coating” is installed in each room’s walls which can block up to 97% of internet signals and that turns the room into a fortress of relaxation.

About half of the hotel’s guests have chosen to activate the “internet kill switch” at least once during their stay. According to an online survey, the free in-room WiFi feature is one of the most appealing amenities that a hotel could provide.

Marrenbach believes feature like the “internet kill switch” will become more common and the technology will appear in luxury homes over the coming years.

A night for a spa package at the Villa Stephanie Resort costs $1,240 and at that price you could pay someone to turn all of your iDevices personally.

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