Mercedes Reveals New Electric Car

Mercedes showed its first fully electric vehicle in direct German challenge to Tesla at an event in Stockholm.

The SUV comes with a 450-kilometer range, distinctively full-width rear light, and clean-cut interiors.  The car is aiming for luxury customers and tech-savvy millennials alike.

Daimler is aiming to have up to 10 electric car models by 2022, a target reiterated last week by Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, who hopes the EQC and its other electric vehicles will account for up to 25 percent of its sales by 2025.

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Volvo Reveals New Electric Robo-Taxi in Race to Autonomy

Volvo unveils transforming robo-taxi,  fully autonomous concept car that turns into a BED and an office.

The Swedish carmaker Volvo presented a prototype for a new Robo-taxi in mid-week, as the company races to meet an ambitious target for driverless vehicle sales. The model, named 360c, is a driverless, fully electric, futuristic car which could be an important part of Volvo’s future strategy. Continue reading

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BMW iNEXT is About to Take Flight

A Lufthansa Cargo plane will ferry the BMW iNEXT on a five-day tour.

In a round-the-world sprint Lufthansa will fly the iNEXT in a Boeing 777 Freighter to press events in Europe, the U. S. and China.

BMW is teaming up with the largest airline in Europe, Lufthansa, to promote its Vision iNext full-electric, highly autonomous car. Continue reading

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Toyota Invests $500 Million into Uber

Toyota is investing $500m in Uber for self-driving car programme.

The aim of the partnership is to use technology from both companies to bring an on-demand autonomous ride-hailing service to market and the deal includes a $500 million investment from the Japanese automaker. Under the agreement, Toyota will manufacture Sienna minivans equipped with Uber’s self-driving technology, and then deployed on the ride-hailing company’s network, the companies said. A third company will operate the fleet. They have yet to identify the other partner, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the details are private. Continue reading

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Jaguar to Sell an All-Electric E-Type

Jaguar will make an electric version of 1960s sports car, the E-Type, and it will be available to eco-conscious fans from 2020. Jaguar will also convert existing E-types into electric vehicles.

Last spring, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drove away from their royal wedding in an all-electric Jaguar E-Type. However, it seems the E-Type is not just a concept or a vehicle available only to royalty. Jaguar has just announced it will make a series of all-electric Jaguar E-Type sports cars available for sale by summer of 2020.

The new E-Type Zero will look like the iconic 1960s sports car, with its long hood, curved roof and chrome bumpers, except that its engine and transmission will be replaced with a battery pack and an electric motor with I-Pace components. In addition, Zero comes with touchscreen navigation, LED headlights and other modern high-tech parts.

Jaguar fans who don’t have an E-type but want both EV components and the original engine can even ask to obtain an original vehicle and to have it converted instead of getting the Zero version only.

More details about the new electric E-type have not been released yet but Jaguar says it is planning to achieve a 170-mile range and a 40kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which can be fully recharged within six to seven hours.

The company didn’t talk about prices and obviously they could vary depending on what the buyer wants and will definitely be in the luxury vehicle range.

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Boston Dynamics Plans to Build 1000 Robot Dogs by Mid-2019

The robot invasion is already underway. Boston Dynamics is planning to build an army of robot dogs.
The Massachusetts-based firm has announced it is preparing to produce 1,000 SpotMini robotic dogs per year.
By July 2019, the engineering and robotics design company wants to launch its canine-like bots.
The 2.75-foot-tall, four-legged machine inherited the mobility of its big brother Spot. SpotMini is the smallest variant of Boston Dynamics’ many different models of robot dogs. It weighs around 66 pounds and has 90 minutes of battery life. The robotics design company demonstrated all kinds of functionalities during TechCrunch’s TC Session Robotics event in May. Continue reading

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Tokyo to Install Eco-Friendly Solar Roads for 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo metropolitan government is planning to build “solar roads” that collect energy from the sun via solar panels installed beneath the surface of the roads. The effort aims at promoting the Japanese capital as an eco-friendly city ahead of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

The new technologies are believed to be started on a trial basis at facilities owned by the Tokyo government next year. The solar road consists of a system of solar panels installed on the road, with the surface of the panels covered with a tough resin that will enhance durability. It is possible for vehicles to drive over the panels. Continue reading

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GXV-T: а Radical New Self-Driving Troop Carrier Revealed by US Army

Advanced radical technology for combat vehicles has recently been demonstrated for the US DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies program.

A series of demonstrations, such as the last one at Aberdeen Test Center held in May, has given potential military service transition partners an opportunity to observe technical progress on the GXV-T program.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Ground X-Vehicle Technology is a project that aims to develop technologies and designs to create lighter armored military vehicles.

GXV-T program focuses on enhancing mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor.

The new technologies will enable the vehicles to travel quickly over different terrain while enhancing situational awareness and ease of operation.

GXV-T combat vehicles of the future will be able to traverse up to 95 percent of off-road terrain, including slopes and various elevations. Capabilities include revolutionary wheel-to-track and suspension technologies that would enable access and fast travel both on- and off-road.

8 contracts to a group of defense contractors and research institutes were awarded by DARPA to develop the technology.

According to  and

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California Testing Digital License Plates

You might soon be able to buy digital license plates, but these digital displays don’t come cheap.

California is testing new digital license plates on vehicles. Although it opens up new possibilities, it also raises new privacy concerns.

Five years ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation authorizing digital license plates to be tested in his state. The displays are finally hitting the streets in California.

According to Fortune.

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Tesla Says Autopilot Feature Not Engaged in Brussels Car Crash

Tesla denied Autopilot is to blame for the crash in Brussels. The driver was in control without using Autopilot when the accident took place.

 A Model S crashed into parked cars in the Brussels borough of Saint-Gilles on Tuesday and the driver reportedly said he was outside the car, with the engine running.

However, Tesla Inc. denied reports made earlier this week that its Model S vehicle started up on its own and crashed into several cars this week while in Autopilot mode, as the driver in the incident was operating his car himself. Continue reading

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