Tesla Voluntarily Recalls a Huge Number of its Model S Sedans

Tesla recall covers 123,000 model S built before April 2016.
Tesla said Thursday it was recalling a huge number of its Model S sedans around the world over faulty steering component. The automaker informed customers in an email that it was a proactive move and none of the Tesla’s other vehicles were affected.
The company said 123,000 Model S vehicles built before April 2016 have been affected. There have been no injuries or crashes related to the car’s power steering problem, the company said. The previous largest Model S recall was when 90,000 of the vehicles were affected by a faulty seat belt in 2015. Last year, Tesla recalled 53,000 Model S and Model X cars over a parking brake fault.
Tesla said the problem seemed to be most frequent in colder climates and places where the roads get salted with chemicals in the winter.
Tesla said owners do not need to stop driving their cars if they haven’t seen a drop in their Model S’ power steering performance. They can continue driving the vehicles until the company prepares a fix.
Tesla said owners do not need to stop driving their cars if they haven’t experienced any problems. The company said it would inform Model S owners when a retrofit, which is estimated to take an hour to install, is ready in the area they live.

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